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What Are High Commission Variable Annuities?

The financial industry often uses terminology that may be unfamiliar to consumers, particularly those who are taking their first steps into the world of investing. One of these terms is “variable annuities” – in particular, high commission variable annuities. If you...

Should I Purchase A Private Placement Investment?

A well-known method for companies to raise capital is an Initial Public Offering (IPO), in which the company sells its stock publicly for the first time. As opposed to IPOs, many business entities use “Private Placements” as an alternative route to raise capital....

Trade Churning at Wells Fargo Putting Investors in Financial Danger

In 2016, Wells Fargo made national headlines through an account fraud scandal in which employees created millions of fake bank accounts without the consent of customers. This scheme caused thousands of clients to rack up extra fees, simultaneously harming consumers’...